Phrasing! #1

22. apríl 2019

Seems everyone has to have odd Icelandic phrases translated into English.

  1. Ice in a bread (is-IS = ís í brauði), n. Soft-serve (autodog) ice cream in a cone.
  2. There is many an odd thing in the cow’s head (is-IS = Það er margt skrýtið í kýrhausnum) There are many weird and strange things going on in the world.
  3. To fall on one’s butt with something (is-IS = að renna á rassinn með eitthvað), v. To end something (a task) with a failure.
  4. To speak with somebody with two ram’s horns (is-IS = að tala við e:n með tveim hrútshornum), v. To offer someone fistfuls of violence.
  5. Post card weather (is-IS = póstkortaveður), n. The kind of weather you normally see only on post cards.
  6. Hookerable (is-IS = mellufær), adj. Knows the bare basics of something, say, a language; just enough to pick up a hooker.
  7. Boathooker (is-IS = bátamella), n. A seaman that moves between several boats, like when relieving others.
  8. Radio clock (is-IS = útvarpsklukka), n. 24-hour clock; military clock.
  9. Slaughter (is-IS = slátur), n. Blood pudding and/or liver sausage. The latter resembles haggis if seen from far enough away.
  10. Beak oil (is-IS = goggolía), n. Gin.
  11. Thundercart (is-IS = skruggukerra), n. A powerful automobile.
  12. To pour from one’s bowls of wrath over sby (is-IS = að hella úr skálum reiði sinnar yfir e:n), v. To chew out some poor s.o.b.

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